Can Inflation Adjustment and Reassessment Protect Taxpayers Against Inflation?

The essay by Prof. Dr. Funda Başaran Yavaşlar on "Can inflation adjustment and reassessment protect taxpayers from inflation?" is published in the June 2022 iss...

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Seminar on the recent changes and developments regarding the crime of tax evasion in the Turkish Tax Law

Lebib Yalkın (, the most established (foundation in 1953) and renowned society in Turkey in the field of systematized publication of...

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Global Inflation, Taxation, and the Situation in Turkey

The world is facing global inflation. As of April 2022, annual growth rate of the consumer price index is 8.3% in the USA, 7,8% in the EU area, 8.8% in the OECD...

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16 May 2022
Querying the property tax by simply entering the Turkish ID number violates the law

The Turkish Personal Data Protection Authority has decided on 21.04.2022 (Resolution No. 2022/388) that querying the property tax by simply entering the Turkish...

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03 May 2022


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22 April 2022
The scope of those who can open a currency-protected YUVAM account is being expanded

By Communiqué No. 2022/13 of March 22, 2022, foreign individuals and legal entities will also be allowed to open a YUVAM account. For these persons to open a YU...

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30 March 2022
The Central Bank of Turkey has developed a new currency-protected YUVAM-Account for Turkish citizens residing abroad and enterprises based abroad and whose shareholder is/are Turkish citizens with a foreign residence.

**The Currency-Protected “YUVAM-Account”** The Central Bank of Turkey has developed a new currency-protected account as a savings account at a commercial ban...

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23 February 2022